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A Message from the President of the NUA

July 10, 2020 5:01 PM | Michelle Minner (Administrator)

Message from the President of the NUA

As a woman of color I have been particularly affected by the events in the recent weeks, months, years...and decades of the killings and outright murders of Black, Brown and Indigenous women, men and the LGBTQ+ community and I feel compelled to say something on behalf of the National Upholstery Association. This was after some great thought and urging from the board and I want to thank them for not only having my back, but the back of Black and Brown communities as a whole.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a human rights issue and as the National Upholstery Association we wish to stand on the right side of history and that means standing with those we love, those we do not know and those we wish to know better.

There are too many names to list. There are too many bodies battered and broken. There are too many lives destroyed. There are too many people who have allowed this injustice to stand and the NUA is calling upon our members, and everyone everywhere to take a stand for racial justice; the human rights that belong to all of us.

We wish for love that is not blinded by feel good tropes.

We wish for the safety of our members. 

We wish for equality for our members.

We wish for justice for our members.

We wish for solidarity, support, compassion and love between our members and for all.

The guiding principles at the NUA are Knowledge & Learning, Diversity, Accessibility & Openness, Community, Outreach & Partnership, Creativity & Innovation. Therefore, racial justice and equality - for all - is the very thread of the National Upholstery Association. It is the very thread and foundation of the upholstery trade.

As Upholsterers, we are creative outside-the-box problem solvers. We actively seek out knowledge. We are here to eagerly learn from our peers, and to educate ourselves. We are here to listen and we are here to learn from people with differing experiences. Without an open mind, and diversity, the upholstery trade cannot flourish. We need community and racial justice for our trade to thrive.  Will our world thrive.

The National Upholstery Association will continue to forge a path that is inclusive of everyone. We will continue to reach out into circles that are yet our own. We will continue to make ourselves uncomfortable in the pursuit of learning and equality. We will continue to move with love.

We stand on the right side of history. We hope you will stand with us.

Rachel Fletcher
National Upholstery Association


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