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June Webinar Recap

June 23, 2024 6:19 AM | Keaven Hartt (Administrator)

By Monica Rhodes

Navigating Efficiency, Organization, and Modern Technology in Your Workroom

Presented by Ella Hall, owner of Stitchroom, in Brooklyn, NY, an exclusive upholstery shop catering to the hospitality and high-end residential sectors.


Do you often find yourself bogged down in communication with clients and/or tracking order details when you’d really like to just get down to work? This is an eye-opening and inspiring webinar for any business owner/manager seeking to streamline processes and improve workroom organization and efficiency.

Learn how Ella Hall, owner of Stitchroom, has applied rising technology to grow her upholstery business from a one-person home-based shop in 2018 to the highly efficient and productive 20 person, 5700 sq foot operation that it is today. Ella describes the impetus and development of Stitchroom’s detailed but highly user friendly automated custom order platform, Follow along as she explains the platform’s backend and demonstrates its use in tandem with project management software ClickUp and team communication apps Slack and Front.

The webinar wraps
up with a tour of the Stitchroom facility which has been organized to meld seamlessly with the technology to limit waste, enhance teamwork, inform decision making, and maximize flow. For those who find technology daunting, fear not, Ella shows that automation is both doable and profitable. It may seem scary at first, she says, “but once you get over that hump, it is so freeing!”

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