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May Webinar Recap

May 31, 2024 3:26 AM | Keaven Hartt (Administrator)

By Monica Rhodes

Breaking into Upholstery: A Pathway to a Skilled Trade from Your Home with Kymm Clark of LullCo

Kymm Clark, owner of LullCo, is emphatic that the upholstery trade is robust and provides a viable path to self-employment. “There will never NOT be a need for upholstery. Humans will use furniture until the end of time,” says Kymm. But, “there are a lot of hats to wear” to build successful business.

Kymm is a well-known professional upholsterer and upholstery educator with a strong on-line and social media presence and 20 years of prior experience in marketing. For the NUA’s May webinar, Kymm brought to the table her considerable knowledge on each of these fronts. The result is an amazing tutorial for prospective upholstery professionals jammed packed with valuable advice on maximizing resources and avoiding serious pitfalls on the path to establishing an upholstery business. Kymm shares her philosophy and approach to education (she calls what she does “transitional training”) for people with some skills who want to do professional upholstery but face serious challenges to obtaining apprenticeships and other types of hands-on instruction. In addition to education and educational resources, Kymm covers everything from project planning, to business management, client management and scaling your business responsibly in the context of her own experiences working from home and from a makers’ space vs. a brick-and-mortar shop.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to break into professional upholstery from home!

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