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July Webinar: Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Run Your Business

  • July 14, 2020
  • 1:00 PM

Join Angie Avard Turner from Gracious Counsel. 

Want to make sure your business is legally taken care of?  Not sure where to begin?  This webinar will begin to detail and highlight the questions you need to answer for your business to ensure that your business is taking care of being legally protected. Participants will learn how to choose an attorney, key factors in incorporating, contracts pertaining to a variety of  business relationships, intellectual property--why it is SO important, how to protect their web presence, and best practices for social media.

About Angie Avard Turner...

Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs

Angie Avard Turner is an attorney with a fancy for all things patterned with a punch of piping hot color.  After almost 20 years in retail, 10 years in wholesale, and 5 years in licensing, Angie decided to give the people what they were asking for—an attorney who was familiar with the needs of the creative entrepreneurs.  She doesn’t just represent those in creative industries, she’s part of it.  As a designer, artist, and entrepreneur, she understands the legal needs of creative businesses because she has owned and operated one.

Angie has always loved being creative;  since she started Hype Strype in 2003, when people learned  she was an attorney too, they were very quick to ask all sorts of legal questions pertaining to running a creative business.  She also knew if she practiced law it would never be in a conventional brick and mortar, “law office” setting.  So now she is combining both of her loves—creative entrepreneurship and law.

Her goal is to provide outstanding service by giving sound legal advice and helping you protect your business interests. Here’s what Angie believes.  You deserve great service.  Your attorney should be part of your business resources team (just like your accountant or banker).  And last, the legal advice you receive should be easy to understand.

In addition to practicing business law and intellectual property law for creatives, Angie is a business consultant for creative businesses.  She helps them devise a strategic plan for launching, marketing, and establishing a solid business foundation for their creative endeavors. She is also a contributing writer to GIFT SHOP Magazine, and several other blogs.  Angie is also a frequent speaker and presenter at various conferences where creative entrepreneurs can be found.

Recently, Angie obtained her LL.M. (Latin abbreviation for Master in Laws) in Intellectual Property. This advanced degree allows her to handle more complex issues pertaining to Copyright, Trademark, Licensing, Entertainment, E-Commerce, and Social Media law. 

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