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Volunteer with the National Upholstery Association Today!

All positions at the National Upholstery Association are held by non-paid volunteers  who are passionate about making a difference in the upholstery trade and beyond.  We hope that will include you!  The NUA has several short- and long-term opportunities for those of you who are eager to help shape the future of upholstery. Fill out the form below to get involved. 

It's Election Time: 

For those seeking a longer-term commitment, nominations are now open for Board of Directors positions (2 years). Sign up for an exciting, enlightening, and infinitely rewarding experience! Nominate yourself or someone else for a board position today - just include 'Nomination' in the 'How would you like to help' box below.

For those looking for a shorter commitment (tuned in with your schedule), check out our volunteer wish list:

Current Volunteer Opportunities: 

  • Working with volunteers - building, expanding and improving how we work together 
  • Writing & editing stories of interest to the trade and the membership (blog, newsletter, guest posts)
  • Keeping members informed of both internal and external affairs though our Calendar of Events
  • Technical assistance in the form of web development, scheduling, and communications
  • Contacting individual members regarding membership perks, profile updates and spotlight articles
  • Merchandise development
  • NUA Book Club - coordination of meetings, activities, and Facebook group
  • Tell us about your interests if you have a talent not mentioned above - we'd love to work with you!

See detailed descriptions of these positions plus additional information for volunteers here.

It is truly an honor to play a part in shaping the professional upholstery industry - working together to open up new opportunities and benefits for those working both within the trade, and alongside it.

Don't wait, Join us now!

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

NUA is pursuing 501(c)6 non-profit status.

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